Inspired by @iyer_prashanth... The last time the Red Wings scored six goals in consecutive games was a 6-0 win over San Jose on 12/18/2008 and a 6-4 win over Los Angeles on 12/20/2008.

And, just in case, the last time the Red Wings scored at least seven goals in consecutive games was almost exactly 30 years ago. 7-5 win in Washington on 11/20/1992, 10-5 win over Tampa Bay on 11/23/1992, 11-6 win over St. Louis on 11/25/1992.

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@detroithockeynet @iyer_prashanth
A good night for the Wings. I hope it's ok that I've been posting about the Habs game here. I took the name to be about all hockey and not just Detroit.


Cool! And thanks for setting up this server. This is my first day learning about Mastodon but from what I understand it is thru people like you who set up and run the servers that makes this all work. It's appreciated!

@Bloke Well, this is still an experiment for me, too, so we'll see how well it holds up. Don't thank me yet, it may turn out that I don't know what I'm doing. 😂

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